Anonymous asked: name 3 things that make you happy, 3 things that make you sad, and 3 things that you wish you had

Set A

Seeing my parents laugh, desserts!, alone time


alone time, death, conflict


more time, less weight, someone

Maybe that’s it: I’m lonely.

That just might be the summary for all the excuses I keep pulling off for the things I do. I do things, regret them, wish that I could’ve done it differently, and then just repeat the fucking process. Its really tiring. I am sofa king tired.

I keep latching my soul onto the nearest vulnerable human  who often shares the same sentiments as I do. Apparently, misery really does love company. The only difference is that they’re more mature with handling the loneliness. I guess what I’m trying to do is learn lesson from people who have made mistakes in their life. Problem is, I’m trying to extract them from people who haven’t really recovered yet.

"Some things you love, and they’re yours forever. It’s not about letting go or moving on, because they never really leave. They leave a void and you carry that void with you, always. Its a matter of growing up; you just become a bigger person until that void doesn’t feel as big."
- Issey. Dagitab (Sparks), 2013

For weeks I’ve been wondering how to become a ‘bigger’ person. How do we grow up? How do we transcend? How do we heal? Time is obviously a factor but that’s not enough, yeah? A million thoughts come into my mind simultaneously. Memories that should be played on loop, and those that shouldn’t even be played. The future, the things to come, the present state. All while staring at the transmission tower in front of the office building’s rooftop.

I should stop watching sad films, despite their utmost impeccable beauty. They just bring me back in that cycle where I mope around [which is kind of what I’m doing at the moment] and try to start over. To my credit, I’ve seen progress. I have just yet to find that change in inertia that would completely throw me off the cycle.

I know I’m almost there.

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How you see me.

We’re both playing it safe. What makes it worse is that we’re both ignoring the fact that its one of the most (if not the most) dangerous ways to play this #game.