"Nako, mukhang malabo yan ah."

Anonymous asked: I am. :) Good evening to you :)

Hello durr

Anonymous asked: Its really hard to figure things out. Well uhm, I guess you just gotta do things.. things thay makes you happy and eventually you'll learn and discover more about yourself..

Thanks! :)  I hope you’re doing the same thing!

Anonymous asked: Just like you, everybody's trying to find out who they really are.

I’d like to think that we’ll never find out/define exactly who we are. We just have to get comfy about it… I guess…

In a few months, here we are. I now regret learning how to smoke. No, I don’t smoke like a chimney, just once every few weeks. My lips are dry and starting to darken and I haven’t been able to run as long as I did back then. 

I somehow can’t believe I’m still writing here. Halos lahat ng kasabayan ko dito, busy na sa buhay nila. I think only a few would even get to read this, since there’s already a new generation of users. Maybe this just shows that all things come to pass, merely fleeting in our midst.

Have you ever pondered on the question “Who the fuck am I?” for hours and found no answer? I did. I still am. I think that subconsciously, this has been my question for nearly a decade now. I know I want to be something and I want to be great at it, if not the best. But, what IS that something?